At Culture Spark, video is our passion.

We believe that video is the strongest way to communicate your brand's message and engage your audience. Our production house comprises expert videographers, marketers and film editors that hold years of industry experience across a diverse range of projects. Our creativity and passion for video ensures that your brand and mission shine through with each and every production. Connect with your audience more powerfully than ever before with video.


We believe in visual storytelling

We're proud to have worked with nonprofit organizations like AHA!  to create documentary films about the important work they do in their communities, and around the globe. Whether your video needs to be a few minutes or couple hours long, Culture Spark delivers.

We Love Live Music

We have the awesome privilege of creating content for many of Santa Barbara's nightlife production companies. Our video production team shoots, edits and returns finished videos at lightning speed for your distribution through social media and digital marketing channels. Our team captures the energy of high intensity live shows, exciting your audience to see the next musical act.

We spent a week with Stripe Partners to learn about the experiences they unveil, and to create a film that expresses their company's mission to a broad audience.

We Trust the Power of Short Films

The Surrendering of Gregory Beeman is a short film we created about a local, Santa Barbara Artist. Sharing the incredible work of visual artists like Greg Beeman is an essential component of our involvement in the local community and our purpose and passion as filmmakers.


WE like WORKing on new and exciting projects

We have a diverse team, with a wide ranging skill set, that can adapt to any challenge that comes our way. We’ve successfully delivered valuable content ranging from short films, teasers, and documentaries to clients across multiple industries. Whether you are a non-profit, visual artist, or night-life producer we can create content that speaks to your target market.